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Could Hearing Aids Extend Your Life?

Woman getting hearing aids placed in her right ear by an Audiologist

An interesting new study from Keck Medicine of USC found that adults who regularly used hearing aids to address hearing loss had a 24% lower risk of mortality than those who never wore them. The study represents a comprehensive analysis on the relationship between hearing loss, hearing aid use, and mortality in the United States.

Researchers used data compiled by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1999-2012 to identify almost 10,000 adults 20 years and older who had completed audiometry evaluations (a test used to measure hearing ability), and who filled out questionnaires about their hearing aid use. Read the article HERE

The researcher interviewed in the article speculates that the improvements in mental health and cognition that come with improved hearing can promote better overall health, which may improve life span.

“At Advanced Audiology Associates, we feel that this study is thought-provoking because it supports other research that we’ve long known – that is, if left untreated, hearing loss can result in social isolation, depression and dementia,” said Dr. Tiffany Pfleger. 

This research suggests treating hearing loss is an important step to having a happier, healthier, and even longer life. Perhaps if more people knew about the correlation between hearing loss and quality of life, they would be more inclined to get tested, and if necessary, treated.

Man with modern hearing aid in left ear

Getting your hearing checked regularly is good practice. People age 60+ and workers in noisy occupations (even those younger than 60) should have a baseline hearing test, and get rechecked every year. Making an annual audiologist appointment is the best way to track hearing changes over time and stay on top of your hearing health.

Our caring doctors can help. They understand all of the challenges associated with hearing loss and can help come up with solutions that fit your lifestyle and maybe… extend your life!

Contact one of our offices to schedule your hearing evaluation:

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Feb 02

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