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In the News: Former football player dealing with hearing loss

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Terry Hanratty, former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers is in the news once again. This time, discussing his experience with hearing loss and the how Signia hearing aids have helped him.

When Terry Hanratty's doctor told him he needed

hearing aids, he responded that he was too young for hearing aids - a very common reaction amongst most people who are told they have any form of hearing loss. On average, it takes a person who determines they have hearing loss, seven years to do something about it.*

Terry's doctor said "let me put it this way, there is a direct correlation between loss of hearing and doing nothing about it, and dementia." So Terry took swift action.

My hearing loss was creating real difficulties, to the point where I could no longer ignore it. Even during the holidays, with my family, times that were meant to be enjoyable were becoming of a source of stress. That is, until I confronted the situation head on. – Terry Hanratty

When fitted for his first hearing aids, Terry found that they helped him, but only to hear bits and pieces of a conversation - which was already an improvement. Soon, he would realize he "was only hearing part of a word, a syllable here, a syllable there. And it was very stressful trying to figure what the rest of the word was." That is, until he met with Dr. Nancy Datino who fitted him with the latest model of Signia hearing aids and everything changed for the better. "I can hear the whole world now, everything is so really was a game changer".

Photo credit: Signia

The doctor chose the Signia Xperience Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids because Terry is a man on the move. As a former professional football star, he is needed for interviews, events and arenas. Dr. Datino said "Signia technology is really individualized to the soundscapes so it's dynamic and it changes what it's listening to based off where you're moving. It has actual acoustic motion sensors in it."

Of the Signia Xperience Pure Charge&Go X, Terry says "you're in the game now. We have many years to go, but we need to take care of ourselves and take care of our hearing."

Click here - to learn more about how hearing aids may prevent cognitive decline in older adults.

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