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Join us for a special summer hearing event

Don’t let yourself miss any of the sounds of summer!

We hope you'll join us for a special special summer hearing event: July 19 – August 13.

As our gift to you, we’re giving all those who attend:

  • Free hearing screening & consultation to all new patients

  • Complimentary hearing aid check & clean to our current patients

  • Interest-free 12-month payment plan to those that qualify

Let us help you hear better this summer!

Call us today to RSVP – by appointment only.

Yarmouth Port: 508-385-5222

Mashpee: 508-539-9780


Stream wirelessly from your hearing aids to your TV! Get an Oticon TV adapter 3.0 with any OTICON MORE™ purchase.

Expires 8/31/21. Prior sales excluded.

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Vambaer Zashel
Vambaer Zashel
Dec 02, 2023

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