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Hearing Loss Book Club - Children's Edition

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Good reads that educate and inspire

Earlier, we posted a Hearing Loss Book Club blog for our readers, but as we know - adults are not the only ones facing hearing loss. So we have compiled a list of books that we think will help children (and adults) learn about hearing loss, differences and acceptance. Happy reading!

by Wendy Kupfur

This fun and original picture book introduces Almigal, a spunky little girl with hearing loss who is now determined to hear every single sound in the universe thanks to her new cotton candy pink cochlear implants. These sounds include a baby’s funny giggle, the robin’s chirps outside the window, the soft song played during ballet class, and especially her best friend Chloe’s teeny-tiny voice. But most of all, Almigal wants to hear her parents whisper to her when they tuck her into bed every night.

Almigal’s spirit will have both children and parents alike rooting for her, while the story delivers a positive message about accepting and celebrating differences.

by Julia Donaldson

In the newest tale from the award-winning author of Room on the Broom, Freddie meets a fairy who grants his every wish—almost.

Freddie finds a fairy, tangled in a tree. Freddie is desperate for a pet, so when he rescues Bessie-Belle and she offers to grant his wishes, he knows just what to ask for. The only problem is that Bessie-Belle can't hear very well, and Freddie tends to mumble, and Freddie is given a net. So they keep trying. 

Luckily, the Fairy Queen is on hand to explain. This is a delightful tale full of Julia Donaldson's trademark rhyme and wit, with a subtle message about hearing impairments.

by Jack Hughes

Dachy wears a hearing aid. But sometimes, when his friends get too noisy, he likes to turn it off to get some peace and quiet. One day, when his hearing aid is off, Dachy falls asleep and ends up floating down the river towards a waterfall and a hungry crocodile.

Can his friends rescue him in time? Read and approved by The National Deaf Children's Society, this gentle story shows children that everyone is different and might have difficult situations to deal with, but with love and support they can get through anything.

by Fara Augustover

Harmony Hears a Hoot is a children's book about a young owl name Harmony who relates to kids with and without hearing loss and teaches tolerance with her adventures! Follow Harmony on her first day of school as she meets new friends, enjoys her classes, and teaches everyone what it's like to have something unique about themselves.

This book is appropriate for children with hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHA, and more. It's also recommended for adults with hearing loss and devices to assist in explaining them to children.

by Mary T. Motley

Deafinitely Awesome is the uplifting story of a tiny orphaned puppy and the woman who takes him in, changing both their lives forever.

Acorn is completely out of control when he is brought to the city kennel. Cute as he is, no-one wants to adopt him because he just won’t listen. But then an experienced volunteer named Mary decides to take him home – just for a night - to give the kennel staff a break. That’s when she discovers that Acorn doesn’t listen because Acorn can’t hear. Acorn is profoundly deaf.

Determined to prepare the little dog for adoption, Mary develops a sign language just for him and, in short order, teaches him everything a well-trained dog needs to know. Along the way, she falls in love and the two become a team, reaching out to help other deaf dogs shine.

Follow Acorn as Mary’s love transforms him from an incorrigible puppy no-one wants into a smart, attentive companion with movie-star looks and a wicked sense of humor who proves every day that being deaf is not a limitation, that shelter dogs make great family pets and that pit bulls are just dogs with big heads.

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