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Hearing Aids: A Whole New Look

Decades ago, when you thought about hearing aids, what did it make you think of?




Probably. And even more recently, even Disney Pixar confirms that visual by giving the main character in in 2009’s UP, these massive and unflattering hearing aids.

But with technology always advancing, the hearing aids of twenty years ago, while somewhat effective, are outdated. Our cell phones have gotten smaller, our TV’s flatter and most hearing aids have become so small that (unless you’re looking really hard) you won’t notice them.

Why is there a stigma?

Myth: Hearing aids are for old people.

Not anymore. Far more than half of the people who have hearing loss are under the age of 65, truly affecting people of all ages. It is also important to note that with the introduction of earbuds and headphones, a younger generation is experiencing noise-induced hearing loss at a rapid rate, and the impact of noise adds up over a lifetime.

Myth: All people will notice is my hearing aid.

discreet hearing aid
Modern hearing aids can be pretty small! Photo credit: Oticon

With all the technology and fashion- crazes we put on our heads (earbuds, headphones, piercings, Google Glass, stylish glasses) most people won't even notice if you are wearing a hearing device. Modern hearing aids are so small and discreet that they are barely noticeable, and there are even ones that can be inserted into the ear canal which are virtually invisible!

Something that will draw unwanted attention? Suffering with untreated hearing loss, and having to ask people to repeat themselves or mishearing conversations and answering or interjecting inappropriately.

Wearing a hearing aid won't draw unwanted attention. What will? Being lost in a conversation due to untreated hearing loss.

Gone are the days where people with hearing loss must carry massive batteries and wires to have a functioning hearing aid. Gone are the days where we have to wear banana-sized devices on our ears! Today, hearing aids are small and discreet; they are essentially ear-worn computers! Best of all, they help people with hearing loss stay connected with others.

*Source: Starkey Hearing, 2019

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